Newbie intro + Help

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Newbie intro + Help

Postby tesla » 20. November 2009 10:59

Hi I would first of all like to introduce myself as a new member of the forums.
My name is Phillipe and I live in Portsmouth UK, up until now my whole life has been centred around the hardware side of systems (CCNA), I would now like to venture into to world
of apache/ webservers Etc.
So any help I can gleen from you good folk will be most appreciated.

My first probem is now that I have loaded xampp I constaintly get a message " mercury/32" " this problem happens because of partial incompatability with windows, please contact the device or program manufacturer for information".

I am running Windows Ultimate + SP2/ 5TB HDD's/ 3Gb Ram/ 3.4Gb Micro

Also can anyone suggest a good book that will help me on my way

many thax in advance
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Re: Newbie intro + Help

Postby Brabax » 21. November 2009 22:29

Hi there :)

How and where did you install xampp?
By Windows ultimate you mean Vista I guess.

I've bought a lampp book that was published for the "... For Dummies" Series (in case you don't know these, that isn't an offence, it really is a series :) ). Maybe there is also a XAMPP book.

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Re: Newbie intro + Help

Postby Izzy » 21. November 2009 23:28

tesla wrote:Also can anyone suggest a good book that will help me
Which version of XAMPP did you install?

If your OS is Vista are you logged in as an administrator to be able to administer a web server.

Good reading here?
\xampp\readme_en.txt file. ... /main.html
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