Redirection of url How to?

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Redirection of url How to?

Postby yukija » 13. November 2009 14:34

I have two database in one machine so I can get the website by typing url like below:
http://myipaddress/abc (I can browse abc website)
http://myipaddress/xyz (I can browse xyz website)

But what I want now is when users try to browse xyz website then users will redirect to abc website but if users of abc try to browse website of xyz from abc website(may be some links are there from abc to xyz) it will not redirect to abc site. How to do it?
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Re: Redirection of url How to?

Postby Izzy » 13. November 2009 21:52

Do a web search for keywords redirect .htaccess and you may find your answer, which may save you some considerable "waiting" time. :wink:
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