NOW() gives wrong time ?

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NOW() gives wrong time ?

Postby thcom » 12. November 2009 22:56

hi, when i try run query like SELECT NOW();
its gives mi back time cca 30 sec different form system time
its normal behavior of MySQL ?
i test XAMPP ver 1.6.8 and 1.7.2 with same result :(

thx Thom
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Re: NOW() gives wrong time ?

Postby Izzy » 14. November 2009 00:10

Sound like your PC system clock perhaps is not the correct time as can often happen.

Have you considered using an online PC system atomic time checker to see if your system clock is accurate and to eliminate the PC side of the equation - some, like AtomTime Pro that I use, will check the time every n minutes against a know accurate time source to keep your system clock as accurate as possible.

Thom wrote:its normal behavior of MySQL ?
AFAIK, this is not normal MySQL behavior, BICBW
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