Installing Xampp

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Installing Xampp

Postby mickdeman » 06. November 2009 15:09

I have just attempted to XAMPP 1.7.2 on Windows XP.

I double clicked setup_xampp.bat and it comes up with the setup heading and under that it says:

X Exit

Please choose (1-0/x):

What do I do here? everything i type refreshes this screen, and X closes it.

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Re: Installing Xampp

Postby Izzy » 07. November 2009 03:01

Did you completely remove any previous versions of XAMPP including the xampp folder before trying to install 1.7.2 version as instructed using either of the 2 methods on the XAMPP for Windows home page?
(The installations instruction are also clearly included on the above Home Page).

mickdeman wrote:I have just attempted to XAMPP 1.7.2 on Windows XP.
You would have downloaded a self extracting archive exe file that will run the installation setup automatically and correctly install XAMPP when you double click on it.
How exactly did you try and install the XAMPP 1.7.2 version?

mickdeman wrote:I double clicked setup_xampp.bat
Why do this when it is run automatically when you install XAMPP 1.7.2 and how many times did you run the bat file?
(Some files are deleted after the installation setup script is first run).

When installing 1.7.2 the first time, did you answer all the questions using the defaults when the automatic installation setup script was run?

What do you see now when you open your XAMPP Control Panel?
Are Apache and MySQL showing a green running indication?

Can you go to http://localhost or and see the XAMPP Welcome page?

Finally you may have to uninstall this 1.7.2 version using the methods outlined on the above XAMPP home page then do a new install of 1.7.2 by double clicking on the downloaded exe file and answering the questions in the installation script console window when asked.
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Re: Installing Xampp

Postby mickdeman » 08. November 2009 14:10

Thanks for your assistance in this.

I had removed XAMPP completely beforehand.

I downloaded a self extracting archive exe file.
And the first thing that came up was

X Exit

Please choose (1-0/x):

And no questions. and so i clicked x (which is the only option). Mysql was running but apache was not and apache would not start.

I double clicked setup_xampp.bat because i was hoping those questions would come up again.

Ok so now to uninstall i have clicked uninstall_xampp.bat as per the instructions but this comes up
The system cannot find the file specified
The system cannot find the file specified
Input Error: cannot find script file "C:\xampp\uninst.temp\xampp_uninstall.vbs"

XAMPP uninstall not OK

Press any key to continue...

I guess i should use method B to uninstall ?
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