XAMPP stability issues

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XAMPP stability issues

Postby sharpnova » 04. November 2009 20:59

I have a fresh install of XAMPP. Here is my issue:

I need to manually go into services.msc and disable windows firewall everytime I reboot my computer. (fine. I don't reboot often)

Apache seems to run fine for awhile. Then every few hours or so I get some error message popping up saying Apache has encountered some problem. I ignore the warning, and Apache is still running.

Sometimes I'll wake up the next morning and find that Apache is no longer running. I can't view localhost.

My IP never changes (though that would have nothing to do with me not viewing localhost even if it did)

I go to the XAMPP Control Panel and click Stop on Apache. The window says it stops. Then I click start. It lags for a long long time. Then the window (which is a liar) says Apache server started, but the button next to Apache still says "Start" where you'd expect it to say "Stop" if it was actually running. Also, an immediate check of localhost and my websites shows that indeed Apache is NOT running.

I'm then required to reboot and things seem to work fine for awhile.

This issue is unacceptable as I'm trying to host a few websites.

My specs:

Standard installation of the latest version of XAMPP.
I'm not on a router. Just going directly through Time Warner's Modem: SB5120 Cable Modem
IP is unchanged. Just hosting a few run of the mill php-based websites. Have made the relevant Virtualhost modifications to httpd.conf.

I've had stable installations before, but now (post-formatting due to some malicious infections) this installation seems to be giving me serious problems.
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Re: XAMPP stability issues

Postby sharpnova » 13. November 2009 04:15

bumping since i posted this 8 days ago.
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Re: XAMPP stability issues

Postby Wiedmann » 13. November 2009 07:55

Something in Apaches "error.log"?
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