cannot find xampp httpdocs

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cannot find xampp httpdocs

Postby jenn21dw » 04. November 2009 03:22

I am trying to do the following task:

Put XOOPS Cube Legacy to your XAMPP

Next, put these files to the specific directory.

By the previous tutorial, you became able to start mini-server in your PC. This server is called "local host" or "local server". Your local server has the same spec as real web server and is a good textbook to learn about server.

Now you can access to "http://localhost/". Apache is a web server embedded to XAMPP, and loads contents from the specific directory. This specific directory is called a document root and is under XAMPP directory that you have installed. If your OS is Windows, you may click "xampp httpdocs folder" menu from the start menu. In other OS, open the directory directly.

Copy "html" directory of the archive to this directory. And, rename "xoops". Now, you can access to this directory in "http://localhost/xoops/". In fact, this "document root" directory is binded to "http://localhost/". The concept of the document root is very important, and will appear again when you will try to install XOOPS Cube Legacy to real server in the near future.

The problem I am having is finding the "xampp httpdocs folder". All I see from my windows start menu for Xampp are:
Control panel

I have tried searching for this and nothing comes up.
I am on Windows Vista.

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Re: cannot find xampp httpdocs

Postby Izzy » 04. November 2009 03:53

It is a shame that the people who write these kind of mumbo jumbo instructions have no real idea what XAMPP is all about.

There is no such folder as httpdocs in XAMPP - so can you trust the rest of what the author of the text you quoted above has to say about XAMPP?

If you open Windows Explorer and look into the XAMPP default installation C:\xampp folder you will see that the folder you need to insert your files and folders is called htdocs.

Please read the XAMPP for Windows home page and the linked FAQ also the readme_en.txt file in the above xampp folder.

BTW what version of XAMPP have you installed and are you logged into Vista as an administrator with UAC disabled so you can effectively manage a web server and it's NT Services?
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