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New router

PostPosted: 28. October 2009 23:27
by erichamby
I was using a Netgear WGR614 router. Howver the last few days i was having to reset the router every few hours to keep my Xampp hosted sites online. I went and got a new router which is a Belkin f5d8235-4 and hooked everything up. O forwarded port 80 to the local ip of my server but nothing seems to be working for me. The Netgear router gave a local ip of and the new one gives a I changed it in the forward but still nothing is working. Is there somehting im missing to change routers with?

Re: New router

PostPosted: 01. November 2009 03:05
by Izzy
Off topic but I found these 2 sites to be helpful for configuring most routers correctly:
Excellent free utility or checkout the Router Guides item.
Click on the Router List then select your router Belkin F5D8235-4 from the list then the app. and see if it helps with your issues.
Or go direct for the Apache server app here:
When finished configuring your router you can check the results using their Port Checker Tool.

BTW this is an XAMPP for Windows forum not a router configuration forum but I posted the above information so it may help others looking for information about configuring their own routers correctly.

Re: New router

PostPosted: 01. November 2009 23:53
by erichamby
Everything looks ok. i dont know why the router just wont do right. Everything is set up perfectly. but yet i still can not see the sites, works great with the old router.