Apache crashes when I expose php_apc.dll in php.ini

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Apache crashes when I expose php_apc.dll in php.ini

Postby canobi1978 » 28. October 2009 22:53


I tried to use APC functionality included with XAMPP but I keep having issues. Here is what I did.

1. Opened php.ini directly under the php folder, and uncommented php_apc.dll in the extensions section
2. I restarted Apache using the XAMPP control panel i.e. I stopped it, then I started it

When I load the script first time, it loads ok. However, anytime I refresh the script, Apache crashes and in the windows notification that pops up, it points to ZendOptimizer.dll. i wonder why it's doing this.

By the way, I'm running XAMPP on Windows Vista Home Premium x64 SP1. I havent had a single issue with XAMPP until this.

Has anyone experienced this, and if so do you know of a workaround? Any other PHP accelerators I can try and that is my reason for trying to use APC functionality.

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