Problem with fake sendmail

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Problem with fake sendmail

Postby sugusmuc » 27. October 2009 17:00

Hi all,

we are observing a strange phenomen since quite a time:
Every once in a while our sendmail - wrapper (fake sendmail for bugzilla/windows seems not to quit correctly after having transfered an email to our mailserver.
We have a form in our intranet, where you click on "send", then the data is inserted into a DB, an email is generated and sent and normally another website with the confirmation of your successful posting is displayed.

In case fake sendmail gets chaught, the web page with the form does not disappear, the request for the answer page gets a timeout. But all the data is inserted correctly, and the email has been generated and sent.
We discoverd that the caught fake sendmail processes leave open cmd.exe - processes on the server. Closing them helps only for a moment, to really solve the problem (temporarily) you have to restart apache. Then it continues without problems, for a couple of hours, days or even weeks... ;-)

It's a Windows 2000 server, fake sendmail version 26 (apr 1, 2009), XAMPP Windows Version 1.6.8

We've goolged a lot, but so far I didn't find anybody with the same problem.
Any hint is welcome!!!

Thanks a lot, Sugus
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Re: Problem with fake sendmail

Postby Izzy » 27. October 2009 23:20

Because this is very intermittent it would be hard to locate the offending issue unless you use a method to trap the offender - see the sendmail help page.

Have you set the error and debug logs in the sendmail.ini file to help with clues by checking the logs after you have the issue?

This page recommends you contact the author for help not covered in the help page by including the debug report after you have your intermittent issue or to report this bug in detail.

As a last resort a fresh latest 2.8 version sendmail install may well fix your issue.
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Re: Problem with fake sendmail

Postby sugusmuc » 30. October 2009 18:48

Thanks for your help, the link is really helpful - I didn't notice that there is a newer fake sendmail version and I never have seen the help-page before...

To enable the debug mode didn't helpd, I tried it before: there was no logging of an error at the time when the appplication got caught (but error logging worked, f.e. if a recipient address was missing etc.)
I installed version 28 now, maybe it works now...

Thanks again and kind regards, sugus
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