XAMP successful install - but hanging

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XAMP successful install - but hanging

Postby morherb » 27. October 2009 03:21

Successfully, installed the XAMP software. Apache and MySql running in the control panel. However its just hanging. I entered http://localhost/ in the browser. I tried various install version and I still hang. I can't get the splash page. its there something I have to change in my environment or something else?
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Re: XAMP successful install - but hanging

Postby Izzy » 27. October 2009 04:05

If both Apache and MySQL are showing the green running in the XAMPP Control Panel then it is possible that your firewall, Anti-virus scanner or ZoneAlarm and the like may be at fault by blocking the ports used by XAMPP - try temporarily disabling them, then try again to access http://localhost.

If that works then you will have to configure the offender to allow XAMPP access.
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