Apache won't start

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Apache won't start

Postby sharpnova » 19. October 2009 19:40

I'm running the latest version of XAMPP.

I'm running Windows XP Media Center addition.

I setup XAMPP, manually disabled the windows firewall in services.msc.

Everything was working fine.

Suddenly today I notice Apache wasn't running. I tried to turn it on.

I went to XAMPP control panel.

I clicked Start next to Apache.

There was a long long delay (during which I couldn't interact with XAMPP control panel) as though it was crashing.

After this, the text box said Apache service started.

But of course Apache isn't running. The button still says "start" not "stop."

I can't view pages on localhost, so Apache is definitely not running.

I'm aware that the XAMPP control panel was designed to just say stuff got started even if it doesn't (so XAMPP can look less responsible for errors when in fact 99% of errors are due to the horrible programming of XAMPP) but regardless, I can't figure out why Apache just suddenly stopped working.

I haven't installed any new service packs or software of any kind.

I haven't done anything. It simply stopped working.

If this is of any relevance: in serivces.msc, Apache is set to start Automatically. I switched it to manual to see if that'd fix anything, which of course it didn't, I then switched it back to automatic.

Different forums say to set it to a different setting as though one is right and the other isn't, but in reality they probably don't have the slightest clue what they're talking about.
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Re: Apache won't start

Postby sharpnova » 19. October 2009 20:10

also.. a reboot fixed my problem.

but this is still a serious issue.

why was i forced to reboot out of nowhere?

also, occasionaly i get a popup saying apache has had some error.. i usually just ignore the popup.. and everything is still running fine.

but i'd like to know why this nonsense is happening.

overall it seems like the quality of apache and specifically the xampp distribution mechanism has dropped considerably
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Re: Apache won't start

Postby Izzy » 19. October 2009 21:26

Your best solution would be to uninstall XAMPP completely and then download, install and configure separately Apache, MySQL, PHP and any other server component you require, then you can be assured that everything will be to your liking.
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Re: Apache won't start

Postby sharpnova » 20. October 2009 00:40

yep i've done this. everything is working fine now.

kind of a shame. i really liked xampp a few years ago. for some reason it just hasn't worked out for me lately though.
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