I seriously need help

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Re: I seriously need help

Postby Izzy » 21. October 2009 22:27

...problem is its asking me for my mysql database info and I'm not really sure where to get it from.
You need to create a database and a user for that database using phpMyAdmin - the link can be found using the MySQL Admin... button in your XAMPP Control Panel.

Read below and try following it with the phpMyAdmin open in another tab, it is much easier than it looks at first and most useful scripts will require you to create a database during installation including WordPress and Joomla etc.

MySQL database information required to create the PHPizabi database:
(Leave the prefix blank unless a shared database is used but in your case this should be left blank).
Tables Prefix:
Database Username: phpizabi
Database Password: phpizabi
Database Host Name: localhost
Database Name: phpizabi

If we use the info I supplied above then we create a database "phpizabi", a user "phpizabi" with a password "phpizabi" on host "localhost" with all privileges for the phpizabi database like this:

Create Database In phpMyAdmin
In the text box "Create New Database" type

Select the Collation as utf-8_general_ci or the same as the MySQL connection collation below it.

click on

In the left hand frame find the Home icon near the top and left - click on it.

You will return to the first screen we just typed "phpizabi" in.

In the left frame you should see "phpizabi (0)".

The phpizabi database is now created.

Create A Database User
Click on

Click on
Add a new User

Fill in the blanks

User name: phpizabi
Host: Select Local from the drop box
Password: phpizabi
Re-type: phpizabi
Click on Go (bottom right)

Click on the Home icon in the left frame again.

This will put you back to the home page again.

We now have a user phpizabi with a password phpizabi

Now we have to give the user phpizabi privileges to our phpizabi database.

Give A User Database Privileges
Click on

In the list, find your phpizabi user and click on the Edit Privileges pencil icon at far right of the name.

Find the box "Database-specific privileges".

Select the phpizabi database in the drop box Add privileges on the following database:

In the next screen that is displayed after selecting the phpizabi database
Click on
Database-specific privileges ( Check All )
Click on

Click on the Home icon in the left frame once again to return you to the phpMyAdmin home page.

We now have a database on localhost called phpizabi with a user phpizabi who has a password of phpizabi with all privileges to use that database.

To Check All Is Correct
Click on the database phpizabi (0) in the left frame.

Click on the Privileges button in the top menu.

Check that you have the following in the Users having access to "phpizabi" table.
Code: Select all
User            Host              Type                  Privileges         Grant
phpizabi     localhost      database-specific       ALL PRIVILEGES        Yes

That's it and you are now set to go and complete your PHPizabi installation by entering the PHPizabi database information from the top of this little tut.

Good luck.
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Re: I seriously need help

Postby TheOneAndOnly » 22. October 2009 21:40

Everything seems to be working fine so far. Thanks for the help
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