Apache not there

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Apache not there

Postby tree » 16. October 2009 00:35

I just tried to install XAMPP and it seems that Apache didn't stall. Maybe I just need to restart my computer?

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Re: Apache not there

Postby Izzy » 16. October 2009 00:40

What version of XAMPP?
What Windows OS?

How did you install XAMPP and to what location - give details?

Did you follow the installation instructions on the XAMPP for Windows home page?

Did you read the readme_en.txt file and the * QUICK INSTALLATION instructions included?

Usually no need to boot your PC after installing XAMPP.

How do you know Apache did not install - did you look in the xampp folder?

In Vista make sure you are logged in as an Administrator and disable UAC before installing XAMPP,

You have not supplied enough information to help troubleshoot your installation issues.
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