enable mod_rewrite on xampp 1.7.2?

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enable mod_rewrite on xampp 1.7.2?

Postby denebgarza » 13. October 2009 17:31

XAMPP Version: 1.7.2

Hello, I've been trying to enable mod_rewrite module to make "clean URLs" available on my website using .htaccess... with no success :| .
There's many tutorials online, I followed them all, but it isn't working. Most of them have the same steps:

- uncomment the #LoadModule for mod_rewrite in apache http configuration file
- change all instances of AllowOverride None, to AllowOverride All
- restart Apache

I did all this, and when I place my .htaccess file with the mod_rewrite code in my website folder and try to access my website via any browser, it gives me Internal Server Error 500.

I have also noticed that all tutorials online for this use earlier versions of XAMPP, is it possible that in this new release (1.7.2) more changes than usual need to be done in order to enable mod_rewrite??? :shock:
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Re: enable mod_rewrite on xampp 1.7.2?

Postby Wiedmann » 13. October 2009 17:33

enable mod_rewrite on xampp 1.7.2?

It's default enabled.

it gives me Internal Server Error 500.

Read the "error.log".
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Re: enable mod_rewrite on xampp 1.7.2?

Postby renatolovato » 14. November 2009 05:08

I've been the same problem. But in my case the return is the error 404, I already tried follow many tutorials, but I did not success.

I already use the XAMPP for some months or years but this problem just have been in the Mac version.

Some tip?
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Re: enable mod_rewrite on xampp 1.7.2?

Postby Izzy » 14. November 2009 05:15

A 404 error is a file not found error and is best sorted by reading the \xampp\apache\logs\error.log file (in a Windows XAMPP installation) for the reason Apache can't locate and serve the required file - possible path issue.

If you are still on a mac computer then you are in the wrong forums but in any 404 error case find and read the Apache error.log file even on a mac.
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