Apache not starting (upgrade problem)

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Apache not starting (upgrade problem)

Postby fedro321 » 13. October 2009 12:52

I've been using xampp for my local development enviroment for three years and everything has run smooth untill now.

I decided to upgrade my installation to version 1.7.1 because this is the latest version that still uses php 5.2 (not 5.3)

Just ran the installer rather than the sequential upgrades. Had a few problems with the install, just hit skip. The installation didn't upgrade the PHP version (found out by running php_info), but localhost still worked. However the next time I started up the PC localhost didn't work and couldn't start apache through the xampp control panel.

backed up the mysql databases and my htdocs folders then just uninstalled xampp and reinstalled version 1.7.1, however this still didn't work even though there were no install problems this time. Can't start apache. What do you suggest?

Any help would be appreciated. Replies in english please.

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Re: Apache not starting (upgrade problem)

Postby Izzy » 13. October 2009 23:21

See if there is any similarity to your issue in this topic which also provided a fix for the topic's OP:

Good luck.
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