Useful tool to view hidden processes

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Useful tool to view hidden processes

Postby HippoIsFat » 07. October 2009 17:01

:idea: This tool might be useful, it is called X-Ray My PC scanner:

It finds all processes on your machine and gives descriptions and security risks for each of them. Task Manager does not show all the processes, plus virus files are designed not to show in the Task Manager; but X-ray will show them. If there is no description for a specific process, most likely it is a malicious process as well. 8)
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Re: Useful tool to view hidden processes

Postby Izzy » 08. October 2009 00:49

HippoIsFat wrote:...most likely it is a malicious process as well.
That statement I can easily apply to this app you have posted about here (off topic also), after vigorously testing it on my PC with my review of it below.


IMHO this app is completely irrelevant to XAMPP for Windows and may be very dangerous when installed.

This program once installed first tries to 'call home' with the message it is looking for any available upgrades - harmless enough if indeed that is all it is doing but you have no way of knowing and no choice in the matter anyway.

Secondly after you refuse to allow it via your firewall - you do have a firewall for these types of untrustworthy call homer apps don't you??? - you can then proceed to do a Quick Scan or a Full Scan.

I selected a Quick Scan and once again my firewall popped up and asked me if I wanted to allow this app to access the Internet - I asked my self why? after all it is scanning my system for whatever not another computer on the Internet.

I asked myself what is it sending off that I can't know about or control?

The site it tries to contact is and IMHO a very untrustworthy ad site.

The pop up warning message labeled Winferno Scanner from the app named X-Ray My PC (very strange indeed) tells me an untruthful piece of pure bull shi*: "Unable to make test connection to server" - why does it need to do this? one has to ask.

So one has to assume that this app is ad-ware and ad sites are notorious in collecting data from your PC stored in Cookies and more importantly those Cookies you don't know exist called Supper Cookies - search for it.

That was enough for me to remove this piece of crap from my PC and do a search to see if it left any unwanted rubbish behind on my PC - I won't use apps that I can't trust with my data stored on my PC nor can anyone else unless they lead a life close to the edge and don't mind a bit of danger to get that adrenaline rush.

Advice - use it at your peril and I really can't recommend a program that needlessly accesses the Internet in the background without your permission or without an opt out configuration setting.

BTW after repeatedly refusing it access to the Internet, it popped up another message telling me the scan was complete and I should click this button to see the report, it failed to load a report and so I am left to understand that unless you allow it access to the Internet to do what ever it wishes to do, behind your back, then it will not be allowed to scan your system, which I thought was the intended use for this app in the first place.

*** Foot Note *** (this is not a plug but a trusted alternative):
My choice for this type of utility is called WinTasks Pro from LIUtilities (Uniblue) which IMHO is completely trustworthy and has a bigger bang for your buck but without even so much as a whisper going out to the Internet - but alas, like all good things , they come to an end (maybe it is still available if you search for it) as now this great app has been Replaced By Security Task Manager

Here is link to Secure Task Manager's web site - detects unknown malware and rootkits hidden from your antivirus software. A seemingly far superior and a more trusted app than that dangerous unknown commodity posted here by the OP of this topic

Here is a link to LIUtilities Process Library and here for STM's Windows process and task list to check "just what are those processes running on my PC anyway?".

Good luck and stay safe.
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