Two Instances Of XAMPP On The Same Computer

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Two Instances Of XAMPP On The Same Computer

Postby ticonzero » 06. October 2009 10:36

Hello, I need to install another time XAMPP on my D:\ drive running windows vista business. The first instance is for my web site; the second is needed to run locally a web application - Genome browser.

After a forst attempt I got an error message told me that another apche server was running on the 80 pport. I needed to unistall the second installation in order to get the first working again.

I wonder now how to have two installations working? In other words what is the right procedure to reach that? In other words I need to have another apche server running only for one local web application: Genome browser.

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Re: Two Instances Of XAMPP On The Same Computer

Postby Izzy » 06. October 2009 21:54

You can't have more than one server Listen on the same port number.

So you would need to change the Listen ports of one of your 2 instances in the apache\conf\httpd.conf and the apache\conf\extra\httpd-xampp.conf files.

An Advanced forum search using Search in Forum: XAMPP for Windows, using Keyword: listen perhaps may help with this.

BTW there is no need to run more than 1 instance of XAMPP if you use a VirtualHost or the Alias directive and both are well covered by using the Advanced forum search facility using the method outlined above.
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