Setting a custom JRE for Tomcat

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Re: Setting a custom JRE for Tomcat

Postby blueven » 22. May 2010 15:11

BigWetDog wrote:I understand, I just assumed that it might be an issues since Tomcat distributions come in x86 and x64 flavours, so they are at least optimized for the appropriate architecture.
Remember that the control panel is looking for tomcat/jre/bin/javaw.exe. I don't know enough about how windows 32 bit vs 64 bit architecture interacts, but it could just simpley be that since xampp-control is 32 bit it doesn't recognize the 64 bit javaw.exe, even if it's running from the right path.

I agree with you! The problem should be the control panel 32 bit.

Do you think is in program a 64 bit version of xampp, or better, control panel?
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Re: Setting a custom JRE for Tomcat

Postby BigWetDog » 22. May 2010 15:35

There isn't currenly a 64 bit xampp_cli or xampp-control, however, I could compile a 64 bit build from the older available source code. Problem is the old code doesn't include tomcat, so I'd have to update it first, which I'm probably going to do anyway, since release of the current source code is not forthcoming. For now I'd stick with the 32 bit jre if you want to use the control panel. I'll update this thread once I've made some progress.
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