clueless user seeking advice

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clueless user seeking advice

Postby django777 » 27. September 2009 14:18


i hope i've joined the correct forum.

i'm looking to create a browser-based game - that hopefully will eventually attract thousands of players. i initially want to develop it on my home PC and only when i'm happy that it is complete and ready - then i will find a company to host the game for me.

all my research so far has led me here - XAMPP for windows.

while i have previous programming experience i unfortunately have zero knowledge of servers, and almost no knowledge of networks, etc - all my knowledge was gained working on computers from before the internet was even born so i know i have a long journey ahead of me.

i want to know if "XAMPP for windows" is a good starting point for me? my main inital concern is if i download and install this software, could my ignorance leave my PC at risk? i want to ensure that i don't do something stupid and leave my machine wide open for anyone to come along and steal my ideas and work. my project will require hundreds if not thousands of work-hours so i'm very concerned about keeping my data safe and secure and only accessible to me on my home PC.

any advice, suggestions, useful links etc that anyone may provide will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance
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Re: clueless user seeking advice

Postby vortecs » 28. September 2009 07:28

Use a software/hardware firewall/router to block traffic on xampp ports making your web server inaccesible from the internet, don`t start the firezilla ftp server because you don`t need ftp to work on your localhost and so on...
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