Specifying Root as "/" for Includes?

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Specifying Root as "/" for Includes?

Postby alancosmore » 25. September 2009 16:39


I'm a bit of a loss to how XAMPP 1.7.2 accepts <?php include('/inc/connect.inc');?> but 1.7.0 requires a relative path, i.e. <?php include('../inc/connect.inc');?> for a PHP file located in "/active/index.php".

How can the root directory be specified please?

Any help gladfully recieved.

P.S. The reason for downgrading was to test why we were having errors with accessing the MySQL DB. The MySQL server kept disappearing and losing connection, then crashing the MySQL server, so no access from PHPMyAdmin. !.7.0 works so will update the various attributes, i.e. PHP and MySQL, to find the problem. I think it is due to using SQLI and not SQL. Can anybody throw any light on any issues. We are coming from PHP v4.

P.P.S If we want to update PHP, do we require thread safe, or not please?

Thank you again.
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