Upgraded Apache to 2.2.13 now PHP doesn't work

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Upgraded Apache to 2.2.13 now PHP doesn't work

Postby sysop1911 » 18. September 2009 19:12

I've got XAMPP 1.6.7 installed on my Windows Server 2003 box. I uninstalled the Apache 2.2.9 server and deleted the XAMPP\apache folder. Then I ran the 2.2.13 msi file and installed it in the XAMPP\apache folder. Apache works, I get the "It works!" screen. However, PHP does not work now, even though I didn't do anything with the XAMPP\PHP folder. I copied all the php dlls to the apache folder and add the "LoadModule php5_module C:/xampp/apache/bin/php5apache2_2.dll" and the "Addtype application/x-httpd-php .php" lines in the httpd.conf file. When I put the phpinfo file in the htdocs directory and go there from the web (localhost/phpinfo.php) I get an error:

Fatal error: require_once() Failed opening required /.libraries/common.inc.php (include path=";C:/php5/pear)" in htdocs/phpinfo.php

Any ideas? General speaking, does anyone here know how to upgrade just Apache within XAMPP? Thanks.
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