XAMPP for windows - local testing

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XAMPP for windows - local testing

Postby shona » 18. September 2009 16:52

This probably sounds like a stupid question but I thought I would check!

Our live website runs on a Linux server. I would like to setup a local test environment, is it possible to set XAMPP up for windows locally even though our server runs Ubunu Linux, or should I download Ubuntu and use that locally along with XAMPP for Linux?


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Re: XAMPP for windows - local testing

Postby Gadrin » 18. September 2009 18:59

You mean on a different PC right ?

Yes, you can setup XAMPP on a different PC, if you want to duplicate your database and
other things.

If you don't want to duplicate your database or other components, then you can setup
a virtual host on your Ubuntu machine for testing and keep it seperate.

http://survivethedeepend.com/zendframew ... tual.hosts

It's actually pretty easy, I'm on windows so I followed the Windows examples and you can setup
a domain name without the .tld extension in it. I think you can use just about anything.

The DocumentRoot entry lets you specify a different directory to keep your testing stuff separate.

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