How make my pc a web server..

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How make my pc a web server..

Postby Pete T » 15. September 2009 17:37

Ok so far i have installed xampp on to my pc that running windows xp, and it working fine when goto http://localhost. But what would like is have working so other people can look on the server (PC) so use it for web hosting. What items do i need make this work ?? this my first time normal just goto company that have servers and then all done for you.
Pete T
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Re: How make my pc a web server..

Postby dmphotography » 15. September 2009 18:36

You're in luck Pete,
I've created a whole website stating how to do just that.

Probably the best place to start considering where you're at right now would be with port forwarding:

I will just warn you now though, running your own public server poses a security risk and vulnerability to hackers.
I highly recommend using a PC that's separate and NOT your primary computer as your server. This way if your system does get hacked, you don't loose all of your important files, just the ones on your server. And if you manage it correctly, you should have regular backups of them and it's just a matter of recovering your server and restoring any lost files.

But beyond that, it's pretty simple and my website should be able to help you get started.
For great video and written tutorials and guides on creating your own web server and installing things such as forums, blogs, etc., visit
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