xampp-control.exe: little improvement, explorer.exe crash

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xampp-control.exe: little improvement, explorer.exe crash

Postby aberazioon » 15. September 2009 14:56

Hi all,

I'm not sure whether this place is ok for posting some improvement ideas but anyway:

each time my Windows taskbar hangs for any reason (explorer.exe crashes and automatically restarts, very often for my lap + vista), after recover of process, tray icon of Xampp dissapears and doesn't restore with explorer. Xampp doesn't refresh it any longer and there is no way to get Xampp-control's window back again since this tray is only way to access this window when it's closed. Of course xampp-control.exe is running but I have no idea how to get that window back, except killing this process and re-launch xampp-control.

Instead of displaying warning "xampp control panel is already running" it should re-pop main window and refresh its tray icon.

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Re: xampp-control.exe: little improvement, explorer.exe crash

Postby dmphotography » 15. September 2009 18:45

That's not an issue with XAMPP, but instead a problem with Windows crashing. Programs are almost never written to accommodate Windows crashing issues. The solution would be to figure out why Windows is crashing and resolve that so your icons quit disappearing and then XAMPP will operate just fine for you.

Otherwise, switch to a better operating system, oh say, Linux, and those issues will be long gone.

Your problem is with Windows, not XAMPP and I can almost bet you the developers of XAMPP aren't going to spend the time coding it to offer additional options just in case Windows crashes and the icon disappears.
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