Apache not running?

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Apache not running?

Postby maryNZ » 11. September 2009 03:59


wondering if anyone can help, im trying to setup a local Drupal development environment using XAMPP. I seem to be having problems with Apache. I can click the start button, it does not turn into a stop button, the message says "Apache services started" but no green "running" appears. (MySql does seem to be running )

when i was installing XAMPP (i used the installer) right at the end an error message appeared which said:

XAMPP 1.6.6a win32 (Basic Package)
Ports 80 or 443 (SSL)already in use, installing Apache 2.2 service failed

i have run XAMPP portcheck and the status for port 80, 81 and 443 is all saying free

Any suggestions?

thanks :)
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Re: Apache not running?

Postby suroj » 11. September 2009 05:35

I am also facing the same problem. Could any one help us to solve this problem. This could be kind of you.
thank you
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Re: Apache not running?

Postby Izzy » 12. September 2009 04:20

Could be a Firewall or ZoneAlarm etc. that needs configuring to allow those ports.
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