XAMPP and Dreamweaver CS4

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XAMPP and Dreamweaver CS4

Postby sharf » 07. September 2009 02:30

Ok so I have XAMPP running MYSQL and Apache on my computer. I'm trying to set up this localhost so I can get dreamweaver to auto code the login stuff for me for my website. Problem is Dreamweaver doesn't detect the tables in the database? I have the testing folder same as the site folder under htdocs. I understand that's the first step
so theoretically, my server info is pointing to the right spot. However when I try to create the log in info, it doesn't detect any mysql databses or tables, so I can't do anything.

How do I get dreamweaver to understand which mysql database it needs to use?

Thanks, sharf
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Re: XAMPP and Dreamweaver CS4

Postby blaguvest » 10. September 2009 22:12

First you have to create a database and add a privileged user to it from your cPanel -> MySQL Databases. Then you should allow your IP address to access your MySQL databases remotely. You can see your IP address at: http://www.whatismyipaddress.com/.

More information on how to allow your IP to access your databases remotely can be found in our Access Hosts tutorial.

Once you have created your database and added a user to it, you should connect to the remote server where your website and database are located. Then you can continue with setting your connection to the MySQL database.

Select Window -> Database to open up Database property window:
Click on "+" sign and choose MySQL Connection. A new window will pop up - here you should enter the MySQL username, password and database, as well as the MySQL server.
In the first field type a name for the connection. In the "MySQL server" field type localhost. Then enter the MySQL username and password details and the database name as shown in the example. Click OK to connect to your database.

If you have entered all details correctly, you should be able to see your connection listed in the Databases tab:

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