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XAMPP on vista

Postby kradical » 11. September 2009 16:48

Hi guys,

I have a major problem here. I'm running an XAMPP server on a windows vista box. I'm basically using it for file sharing. There 4 clients that connect to it from time to time in my home LAN. 3 of the 4 clients are running windows vista. They can only seem to download at a max of around 250K. The other client is runing Backtrack Linux 4. (which is ubuntu based). It can download up to 1.5M. Why is Linux downloading 6 times faster!??
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Re: Download Speed.

Postby V@no » 26. December 2009 23:32

Same problem running XAMPP on Windows XP Pro SP3.
The download speed even from localhost is about 200-300kb/sec, while file transferring from the HDD where web root is to another HDD via windows explorer is about 30mb/sec
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Re: Download Speed.

Postby soja92 » 28. December 2009 05:04

I am having the same problem, it is the apache web server that is somehow the limiting factor, if you are just file sharing try a different web-server and see how it goes.

On my vps i download from ftp at 1.5MB/s but the same file from http i download at 200-300KB/s, and on IIS i download at arouind 1.5MB/s again.

I want to stick with apache!
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Re: Download Speed.

Postby V@no » 28. December 2009 05:23

I found a solution!

In apache/config/http.conf find:
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#EnableSendfile off

Replace it with:
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EnableSendfile off

(don't forget restart apache)

Now on local network I get about 8-10mb/sec transfer and about 30-50mb/sec when use download manager.
Changing it's neighbor line "#EnableMMAP off" doesn't seem to give any effect...
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Re: Download Speed.

Postby Izzy » 03. January 2010 00:47

This enablesendfile solution does not work in all cases:
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Re: Download Speed.

Postby V@no » 03. January 2010 02:02

Yes, but this topic is not about general performance, it's mostly about single file transfer. It sure should be more tested on different platforms, but if 6 out 10 platforms benefit from this tweak, then it's no brainer that it should be implemented as default settings...
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Re: Download Speed.

Postby Moses » 20. May 2010 05:03

and the problem is still not solved, i tryed 'EnableSendfile off' at http.conf with no better result than without when downloading via http from my server:

but u can compare it yourself:

vs ftp:
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