Tomcat deployment of new application

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Tomcat deployment of new application

Postby lseldon » 04. September 2009 06:57

I am running xampplite 1.7.2 + tomcat 6.... on MS Windows XP Pro
mysql, tomcat and apache all run as expected when started with tomcat_start.bat etc, and serve the xampp or sample tomcat pages.
I then copy a new servlet package into tomcat/webapps, re-start tomcat (while apache is off) - it cannot find the application
In tomcat manager I run "List all services" - no effect, or fill in the 'Deploy' form - 'failed to deploy the application at ...'.
I have checked 'autodeploy' in the config, and it is 'true'

With a standalone tomcat there is no problem - the same application autodeploys
What is the problem?
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