sendmail.exe doesn't read sendmail.ini

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Re: sendmail.exe doesn't read sendmail.ini

Postby Izzy » 08. November 2009 04:09

ldexterldesign wrote:...Drop me your Paypal and I'll flit you some beer $$$.
Lewis, thanks very much indeed for the offer but alas I don't use it - it's not very often one gets such appreciation on these forums...

...but I bet the crew at Apache Friends would really appreciate a stein or two, of that I am sure, as they do all the hard work, I just carry the First Aid kit.

So if you still want to show your appreciation you could do no better than to kindly click on the PayPal Donate image at the top of the Home Page under the heading:
Support XAMPP, Make A Donation!

Once again, thank you kindly.
Cheers! Lewis and good luck.
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Re: sendmail.exe doesn't read sendmail.ini

Postby ldexterldesign » 08. November 2009 04:19


Cheers Izzy!
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