Some Help On Security

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Some Help On Security

Postby Doug » 22. December 2003 07:36

I've installed XAMPP on my XP machine, works fine..Great job guys!
I use XAMPP while developing with PHP.....I'm an old C++ guy, but I am getting used to PHP :D

Now for my question:
I want to be logged onto the Web while developing with my server running, and when I log into my server via my IP, the XAMPP screen appears...this is a good thing, but I need to install a password much like the Linux version of XAMPP. I have read all the doc's, but before I go and change something I ought not to, :? I thought I would ask here as to the best way to do this. I really don't want everyone and their Aunt to just pop onto my machine :wink:

Thanks for any suggestions


I have read all the postings here and cannot see one pertaining to my question so I thought I would update this and make myself more clear.

1...On the LAMPP (Linux version) there is a "Security" procedure that will allow you to set Username/Password for
i) The Lampp Screen
ii) PhyAdmin
iii) Set the MySql security

2...What I have read so far on this form as I understand it, is measures to set the PhyAdmin and MySql services.

3...What I am looking for is a Method with the Windows version XAMPP to set a Username/Password for the XAMPP screen, so when I am logged onto the web and in my browser enter:

I will get prompted for a Username/Password screen before the XAMPP screen appears

Hope this clarifies my question

Thanks again
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I don't see the point of restricting all your site...

Postby chanio » 26. December 2003 23:35

Hi, :lol:
I can't see the point of having to log in to access any part of your site. You might some day be in a hurry and not be able to remember your password, etc.
What is normally done is logging in when you access certain restricted folders of your site. Say, you build a tree of directories that start at your http://localhost/mySite/private/ folder. Then if you want to do some commercial transaction, you would place the pages at the /mySite/private/commerce/ folder. And if you have a lot of different buying/selling stuff you should add some more folders after ..commerce/: say ..commerce/buyCDs/ and ..commerce/sellMP3/ . Each folder with their special files, images, etc. Or just with the data that changes from one sort of transaction to the other. But you still keep your root folder (http://localhost/) free from any login. Then, as if your house had a shop in some back part, you are able to do the normal living at the front part of the site and leave all transactions for people that log-in at some other part.
Besides, PHPmyAdmin always allows you to do a login to access the RDBs.
You should read the help file, and modify your file.
If you need some intro to doing all those sort of things with PHP you might want to visit: They have a lot of premade scripts for free!!! There is also a site called phpkitchen that has a lot of tutorial if you might want to start by programming all by yourself. Or knowing what to choose.
If you want to start with your right foot in learning some good script language, better try Perl. That is the main inspiration that the new PHP has to exist. Most of the Websites have Perl and I love it!
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Postby MAGnUm » 15. January 2004 19:17

search for ".htaccess" on google, should take care of you.
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(Disclaimer: if any of this info is confusing or vague tough, its free!!)
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