Differences in v1.7.2

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Differences in v1.7.2

Postby ChrisJakarta » 26. August 2009 03:55

I have just upgraded from v1.7.1 to v1.7.2. I've found a couple of differences which, while not show-stoppers, confuse me a little.

As in previous versions I changed to entries in the httpd.conf file to point to my local directory: DocumentRoot and <Directory ...>. Both of these are pointed to "D:/Website" which is the root directory of the local version of my site. In the previous version, I could then click 'Admin' next to Apache Start in the XAMPP Control Panel, and this would immediately access 'index.php' in the "D:/Website/"directory. However, it appears that this now wants to access "D:/Website/xampp/", and so returns a file not found error. Is this a new 'feature'?

In addition, I note that the installer no longer installs an uninstaller in the Windows Control Panel. Again, is this a new feature?

Again, not huge problems, but wondering why the changes...

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Re: Differences in v1.7.2

Postby Izzy » 27. August 2009 02:18

The XCP has been hard coded using the current source code by one of the developers of XAMPP in this 1.7.2 version of XAMPP - maybe one day the source code will be made available to XAMPP users or at least an ini file, so these issues can be configured out of the equation.

The previous versions were edited by a third party developer of the XCP again were hard code to provide certain functions with no way of editing or changing this hard coded behaviour.

If you feel this is a bug then please by all means bring it to the attention of the developer here as quite often developers don't read and action every post in these forums:
(you may have to register and login to lodge a report).
Also make sure that the bug has not been reported already.

This latest version also has changed in that it now uses a self extracting archive file with an associated setup script and so at this stage has no need of an uninstaller - simply follow the instructions in the readme_en.txt file when the need to remove XAMPP exists - the previous XAMPP installer versions were becoming a major drag on support requests for installation issues related to the many differing types of Windows installations on the millions of XAMPP user's computers, some had absolutely no problems installing whilst others had restricting installations.

So a common method had to be found that would eliminate some if not all of the previous installer version's misgivings.
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