Question about Xampp Installtion

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Question about Xampp Installtion

Postby Stormraven » 22. August 2009 00:53

When I first install Xampp, it says that due to restrictions we should not use the install location of program files, why is this? And where else can I save it? Currently it's just saved to my desktop but It's just a folder full of stuff. I don't know where the best place to save it is. I don't want to turn UAC off. Please advise me.

I re-posted this because I accidentally posted it in another forum. Sorry hehe.
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Re: Question about Xampp Installtion

Postby Izzy » 22. August 2009 03:28

Because Apache and MySQL were designed originally for *nix type OSs that do not use spaces in file names rather they use an underscore in place of a space.

In Vista there may be other reasons why not to use folders with a space in the name that is quite adequately explained here under Vista Note:

And here under Vista problems: ... html#vista

Become a Secret Super Administrator in Vista and perhaps you will be able to overcome some of Vista's needless and mindless limitations that have been put in place by the MS team of Controllers (nannies) for absolute new first time computer users.

As a rule of thumb in XAMPP never use a file name or a folder name that has a space or any special characters in the name and preferably use all lowercase letters for the naming of files and folders.
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