XAMPP Windows 1.7.2 [Update package]

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XAMPP Windows 1.7.2 [Update package]

Postby ForestQ » 16. August 2009 12:33

Hi all!
When will be ready XAMPP Windows 1.7.2 [Update package]?

Thank you for your work!
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Re: XAMPP Windows 1.7.2 [Update package]

Postby rvanherp » 20. August 2009 09:28

I'm waithing for this to...

anyone a idea whan it is online ??
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Re: XAMPP Windows 1.7.2 [Update package]

Postby edpaffjr » 24. October 2009 18:02

Any update on this? Or has anyone done an update using another method?
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Re: XAMPP Windows 1.7.2 [Update package]

Postby Izzy » 24. October 2009 23:18

For the latest update info see:

For an RSS feed of the latest update info see:

Much quicker than waiting for replies on the forum.
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Re: XAMPP Windows 1.7.2 [Update package]

Postby jlib » 28. October 2009 02:54

edpaffjr wrote:Any update on this? Or has anyone done an update using another method?
Since Apache was so obsolete and the security nazis in my organization threatened shutdown unless Apache was updated I went ahead and did a new installation into a differently named parallel folder using the zip file. I copied the sample configuration files to the correctly named ones (see the 8 configuration files listed at end of http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-windows.html). Then I brought up each of the configuration files alongside the same file from the original installation in text editors, scrolled through, and copied over any customized settings. If a setting was not listed in the original I just left it at default.

I then copied over the MySQL data folder intact (a backup and restore is probably a better approach). I also copied over any contents from httpdocs folder that was not default. I renamed both xampp root folders so the new one was now xampp as in a default installation. By keeping the original folder intact with no changes it is a simple procedure to restore original setup. Let's see, I then ran the setup_xampp batch file in xampp because I like absolute paths. This worked perfectly for me on a WordPress server. No problems. Oh, I think I had to reregister Apache and MySQL services. Like I said, you can't hurt anything if you keep original xampp installation intact.

No sooner did I accomplish that then I have to upgrade to the Apache in the currently unavailable XAMP Windows 1.7.3 beta. Yes, I know you aren't supposed to actually use xampp in a production environment and I probably wouldn't if I had to do it over again, but only because of the lag time in security updates on the Windows side of things. It is totally awesome otherwise.
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