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Problem to see images

PostPosted: 14. August 2009 17:09
by radal
I have installed in the local disk C: XAMPP and JOOMLA.
My problem is the following one: I cannot see the images neither of joomla neither those of my website.
The remainder functions well.
I have Win XP + SP2 and ApacheFriends XAMPP (Basispaket) version Any 1.7.1
Any idea?
Thanks radal.

Re: Problem to see images

PostPosted: 14. August 2009 19:02
by dmphotography
Can you post some screen shots of what you mean and possibly some more details, such as how you're accessing Joomla, etc?

Re: Problem to see images

PostPosted: 15. August 2009 00:41
by radal
Joomla is installed in:
And I execute from the following direction
http: // localhost / www/
I gain access to the administrator of joomla of the following direction
http: // localhost/www/administrator

Also realize the simple test, generate the following file html
<body bgcolor="#ffffff">
<h1 align="center">Picture</h1>
<p align="center"><img height="341" hspace="0"
src="img_0076-1.jpg" width=400 border=0></p>
I inserted it in http: // localhost / www/
load the image in http: // localhost / www/
and execute from the navigator http: // localhost/www/test.html

and the image does not appear either
Regrettably not as incorporating images in the forum, if they help me he sent to them some screenshots

Re: Problem to see images

PostPosted: 15. August 2009 03:41
by dmphotography
That's because that's not how Joomla works.

If you want to add an image to a Joomla page, then you need to log into the administrator area, then create a new Article. In that Article, you have to then add your image and save your article. After that, you need to add a menu item or an article link to that article in order to view the page.

Joomla is great once you learn to use it, be learning to use it and understanding how it works is the hard part. I started using it the same way you did because I didn't realize what a "CMS" was. Now my whole website, , is built using Joomla.

If you want more information, PM me and I'll try and create a few video tutorials to help you get started using Joomla. Once you learn it, it's unlimited as to what all you can add and do with it.

Re: Problem to see images

PostPosted: 15. August 2009 18:13
by radal
Thanks by the answer.
I believe that the problem not this in joomla.
As him comente but up, installed xampp and without joomla, with the simple test.html file that contine a text and an imágen I cannot see the image. Also try with the following labels in that example.

src =" img_0076-1.jpg"
src =" http: //localhost/www/img_0076-1.jpg”
src =" ../img_0076-1.jpg"

And nothing, not the imágen appears.
It keep in mind that here not this joomla, is a simple file lodged in localhost/www.
On the other hand I have something of experience in joomla visit the place which carry out.
The theme is that I want to use xampp to bring up to date my place and to add him new options.
Thanks and greetings

Re: Problem to see images

PostPosted: 15. August 2009 20:47
by Wiedmann
I believe that the problem not this in joomla.

You can't see any images in the XAMPP demopages at http://localhost/xampp/?

Re: Problem to see images

PostPosted: 15. August 2009 23:49
by radal
Yes, in localhost/xampp I see paginates it of start of xampp.
In the left upper part I see the icon of xampp (favicon.ico) then to the right "XAMPP for Windows" and the remainder of it paginates tambien with its colors.
The problem is that I cannot see in c:xampp/htdocs/www, when i start http://localhost/www.
The remainder functions.
There it will not be that to carry out some settings in php.ini to be able to visualize the

Re: Problem to see images

PostPosted: 16. August 2009 00:22
by radal
I did the following test.
Place the simple file of test "test.HTML" and the file of image (indicated in a post of but up) in: c:/xampp/htdocs and I executed http://localhost/test.html and there if functions perfect, I can see the image.
Himself not if this helps in something.