Bad download package from SourceForge.

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Bad download package from SourceForge.

Postby dmphotography » 11. August 2009 21:07

Hey everyone,
I wanted to give you all a heads-up on an issue I ran into this morning when downloading the new XAMPP 1.7.2.
I downloaded it from your SourceForge page (as usual) and when I was installing it, I got the following errors:
Code: Select all
Some installation files are corrupt.
Please download a fresh copy and retry the installation.


I after clicking OK, I saw this error in the installation window:
Code: Select all
CRC failed in xampp\php\icudt34.dll
Unexpected end of archive


I went back and chose a different mirror (iWeb from Canada) and the installation worked fine after that. The first time it was whatever default server it chose.

So I wanted to just let you all know there is an issue with one of the server packages out there.

Thanks for the great work!
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