Changing URL inside xampp control panel

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Changing URL inside xampp control panel

Postby m19619210 » 11. August 2009 03:21

After much research, I successfully installed xampp. FileZilla, MySQL and Apache all show “Running” in Control Panel. No applause is necessary!

Because I have IIS also running on this machine, Apache is running on port 8080 (localhost:8080) and not at the default port (80).

The problem is; when I select “Admin” for MySQL to run phpMyAdmin, it is looking for it at port 80 and not 8080.

How and where do I change the URL inside the Control Panel so it looks for http://localhost:8080/phpmyadmin instead of http://localhost/phpmyadmin? Also, “Admin” cannot connect to either FileZilla or Apache for the same reason.

When I check "Status" it shows Apache using port 80! It looks like the control panel thinks it's running on 80 but, in fact, it is running on 8080. Go figure!
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