How to register third party SSL certificates with Xampp

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How to register third party SSL certificates with Xampp

Postby clinton.elston » 10. August 2009 22:29

Sorry if this topic has been posted before, but I just spend the last few hours trying to work out how to get a 3rd party SSL certificate working with xampp, here is a batch file I created to make it easier to do, I have only tested this with the current version of xampp so dont know if it will work for you.

It worked for me on a Windows 2003 Standard Server. The file should be called SSL.BAT and be placed in C:\xampp\apache

All the best

@echo off
Echo -------------------------------------------------
Echo Warning use this file at your own peril
Echo written by Clinton Elston (
Echo Sorry no support is provided for this script
Echo Feel free to use and abuse as much as you like
Echo -------------------------------------------------
Echo This file should be called SSL.BAT and be placed in C:\xampp\apache
Echo To confirm that you accept these terms please hit any key to continue
Echo Or else press CTRL+C to quit
set OPENSSL_CONF=./bin/openssl.cnf
bin\openssl genrsa -out domain.key
bin\openssl req -new -key domain.key -out domain.csr
Echo \\\ STEP 1 \\\
Echo Now copy c:\xampp\apache\bin\domain.key to c:\xampp\apache\conf\ssl.key
Echo \\\ STEP 2 \\\
Echo Email/Use c:\xampp\apache\bin\domain.csr to register with 3rd pary SSL companies
Echo I use as they are affordable and quick and easy to use
Echo \\\ STEP 3 \\\
Echo Once you recieve your reply CRT file, rename to domain.crt and move to
Echo c:\xampp\apache\conf\ssl.crt
Echo \\\ STEP 4 \\\
Echo Remember to change c:\xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-ssl.conf after copying all the
Echo files to their correct locations
Echo Make the following changes and comment out "#" the exsisting entries
Echo SSLCertificateKeyFile conf/ssl.key/domain.key
Echo SSLCertificateKeyFile conf/ssl.crt/domain.crt
Echo \\\ STEP 5 \\\
Echo Restart your apache service and now test https:// connections
Echo \\\ STEP 6 \\\
Echo Job Done - Now move on, nothing to see here...
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