Apache is unstable

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Apache is unstable

Postby eponymous » 06. August 2009 07:27

Hello forum,

First I must say that I recently discovered XAMPP and I think it is simply fantastic!

I am having a problem: Apache suddenly stops working sometimes and I get an error message from windows saying that Apache HTTP server has stopped. It happens sometimes when I try to browse to localhost (on which xampp is running) and when I try to browse to localhost/phpadmin. The problem will repeat itself for a few times, then it seems to resolve itself and apache starts working again. I have not noticed a pattern that indicates what (if anything) I do that causes it to stop.

I'm running the full installable version of XAMPP for windows version 1.7.1 on Vista x64. I am not running apache as a service (as this doesn't work for me - which may be another problem).

Your suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you.
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Re: Apache is unstable

Postby ohman » 07. August 2009 07:47

Is XAMPP 1.7.1 compatible with Vista x64?? I think I read somewhere that the XAMPP lite 1.7.1 is NOT compatible with Vista x64, but I'm not sure about the full version of XAMPP 1.7.1, any thoughts or comments about this? Thanks!
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Re: Apache is unstable

Postby Golgar_2000 » 02. October 2009 07:40

Hi, I Believe I Have A Solution.
I Have Always Manually Gone & Downloaded, Installed & Configured All The Separate Programs, Apache, PHP, etc. Never Had A Problem I Couldn't Fix Or Find A Solution For, Anyway, I Have Just Downloaded & Installed XAMPP 1.7.2 Also The Tomcat Add-on. Now Everything Was Fine First Run All Services Ran Fine.

Mercury &

The Problem Started After I Restarted My Computer. No Apache? It Says It Started But Nothing, Hmmm Strange. All The Configuration Files Where Correct. So I Mucked Around For A While, Researched Everywhere & Even Tried To Install Apache Over The Apache Directory In XAMPP. Still Nothing. So I Started Again. Uninstall, Re-Install. Hey Apache Is Working Again. This Time No Restart. So I Just Clicked The Stop Apache Button, All Good. Ok Start Apache, NOTHING AGAIN. Sound Familiar?

Now Is Not The Time To Scream, It Has Already Told You The Problem. Apache. Very Simple, Go & Check Out The Error Log (Open With Notepad) The Log Files Are Located Here

" \xampp\apache\logs

Go To The Bottom Of The Log File & You Will See The Date, Time & Status. I Found That A File Was Missing Or Could Not Be Located. The Problem Was Related To Tomcat Which Stopped Apache From Starting.

"mod_jk.so" Was Missing From " \xampp\tomcat\Server\xampp\apache\modules\

So I Found A Copy Of "mod_jk.so" Located In " \xampp\apache\modules

So Very Simple. I Copied "mod_jk.so" From “ \xampp\apache\modules To “ \xampp\tomcat\Server\xampp\apache\modules\

Clicked The Start Apache Button & TADA Apache Is Working Again.

Now If A Different File Is Missing Try Searching Your Computer For It & If You Don’t Have It Download The ZIP File From Apache.org & You Should Find It In There.

In Conclusion If Apache Won't Start Or Won't Stay On Check You Log Files It Will Tell You The Problem. I Hope This Has Helped.
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Re: Apache is unstable

Postby Izzy » 02. October 2009 08:17

Golgar_2000 wrote:"mod_jk.so" Was Missing From " \xampp\tomcat\Server\xampp\apache\modules\
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