MySQL will not start

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MySQL will not start

Postby TheTub » 04. August 2009 13:30


After searching for an hour I cannot seem to find an answer to this one. I posted this in reply to some guy having a similar problem but the thread was geared around solving his problem. So I thought I would start a new thread.

Using the control panel (v 2.5 9 May 2007) I can start Apache. But MySQL runs for less than a second and stops (green 'Running' appears then disappears). The status box reports 'Busy. MySQL started [Port 3306]' but it is not running as I cannot access any db.

If I run the apache_start.bat file this stalls at 'Apache 2 is starting' and gets no further. I have to use apache_stop to exit.

However, if I start Apache via the control panel and start MySQL by using the mysql_start.bat file then all is OK.

It's not a major problem as I can work around it but it would be nice if someone knows a solution.

OS - Windows 7 RC (I guess I will be flamed for this now!)
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