MySQL service problem

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MySQL service problem

Postby G0DLIKE » 03. August 2009 08:50

Good morning, first of all thank you for this piece of software, it saved me quite some work I think, as I am no professional but had to set up website in my company.

Now for the problem: at computer startup MySQL won't load.
It starts in someway wrong mode and gives a popup error message of memory addressing.
This is very annoying because until you don't get rid of the service you cannot even use the computer, you must first close this popup window and quickly go to tray and show MySQL window and then close it, otherwise the window pops up again and again.

I tried to go to SERVICES and put MySQL into DISABLED mode.
For some reason, when I restart the computer, it is again in AUTOMATIC mode.
When I click on the service in XAMPP it doesn't want to get off: after 1 second it's again on.

I tried to put the service in MANUAL mode and to start it up manually and it looks like I am missing a file but I cannot really know which file.

I didn't delete anything from inside XAMPP so the only guess is that after a Windows update something happened to the OS.

Any ideas?
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Re: MySQL service problem

Postby G0DLIKE » 04. August 2009 11:56

Hi I am still here and the problem too.
I tried to uninstall and reinstall.

Symptoms are the same. Apache is running ok.

When MySQL is set as a service and with MANUAL start, it will not work. It doesn't even start when I start it from the XAMPP panel.
When I turn it into AUTOMATIC, then I can start it throught XAMPP.

Should the SCM be put absolutely in AUTOMATIC mode?
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