The admin button from XAMPP's control Panel is not workin

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The admin button from XAMPP's control Panel is not workin

Postby beanryu » 02. August 2009 02:50

Hi fellows, I just recently added a password to my MySQL account and suddenly the "admin..." button from the XAMPP control panel no longer works. The "admin..." button opens a page at "http://localhost/phpmyadmin/" and the page saids "Cannot connect invalid error", "check your password and username" and things of that sort but the "Open new phpMyAdmin window" link on the right of the page leads me to ""http://localhost/phpmyadmin/navigation.php?target=main.php&token=21e65438a485e40718aee4feaaa6cbf0" which prompts for a username and password. I noticed that "http://localhost/phpmyadmin/index.php" also works. But now the "admin..." button doesn't work anymore. Is there a way to fix this?

Oh, guys, the problem happens in IE only... my IE is add-on disabled... and that might be the source of the problem.
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Re: The admin button from XAMPP's control Panel is not workin

Postby Izzy » 02. August 2009 03:36

I have just tried to replicate your issue by creating a password for the root user in the Security link from the XAMPP Welcome Page.

I restarted MySQL and clicked on the Admin... link in the XAMPP Control Panel which duly opened the login page of phpMyAdmin and accepted the credentials for root user I just configured above.

So no issue with the XAMPP 1.7.1 XCP.

So, as you more than rightly suggested, IE may well be playing one of it's many tricks - I use SeaMonkey, Opera and Firefox but only have IE6 which has no problems when testing out your issue.

You may have to select an alternate default browser for testing which can be done in most browser configurations to narrow down the faulting browsers.

Kindly let us know back if you do find the culprit is IE and the IE version you are testing.
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