Upgrade to PHP 5.2.10

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Upgrade to PHP 5.2.10

Postby calast » 31. July 2009 22:48

The current version of PHP is 5.2.10. XAMPP 1.7.1 uses 5.2.9.

I have no problems with XAMPP at all (which is why I use it), but I need to work with Symfony on a new project. The Symfony configuration checker is pretty insistent that a number of things are broken in 5.2.9 (and they are needed), so an upgrade to 5.2.10 is required.

I have downloaded 5.2.10 to a new subdirectory of the XAMPP folder, but the contents of the PHP directory look somewhat different in the version distributed by Apache Friends, compared to the 5.2.10 version that is on PHP.net. I'm not sure how much I need to worry about this.

So, my questions are:
1) Is there ever going to be a version of XAMPP that includes PHP 5.2.10? Or are they just going to jump to 5.3?
2) If not, has anyone tried doing this upgrade, successfully? Were any problems encountered?

Thanks in advance,
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Re: Upgrade to PHP 5.2.10

Postby Wiedmann » 31. July 2009 23:56

Or are they just going to jump to 5.3?

That's what we are doing (see the current betas).
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Re: Upgrade to PHP 5.2.10

Postby calast » 02. August 2009 00:14

I did see that, but my contract agreement does not permit the use of beta software.

So the other question still stands - is it possible to upgrade the version of PHP in XAMPP 1.7.1 from 5.2.9 to 5.2.10, without too much difficulty? I have tried to simply rename the php subdirectory to something else and install 5.2.10 in a new php directory. But I am seeing all sorts of missing things now.

And, of course, the new question is: when will the beta become production?

Just in case you wondered, array_unique() is what is supposed to have been broken only in PHP version 5.2.9 - any other release 5.2.4 or better would be OK.
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