Neither Apache nor MySQL are running

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Neither Apache nor MySQL are running

Postby goofysurfer » 31. July 2009 15:04

Please help...if I keep pulling my hair out at this rate, I'll be bald by the end of the day!

I have tried to download XAMPP for Windows (1.7.1) using the Installer. My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium.

In the installer, I checked 'Install Apache as Service' and 'Install MySQL as Service'. Everything seems to go fine it, and it claims to have sucessfully installed, as I get my desktop icon and can access the control panel. However, that where it goes wrong.

Neither Apache nor MySQL are running. When I click start, all I get is "Error: Apache service not started" or "Error: MySQL service not started".

I've searched for hours now, and found that it may be because Skype it utilising port 80 as an alternate incoming connection point - I have removed this (it didn't change anything).

If I click SCM in the control panel to access Microsoft Management Console and try to start Apache 2.2 there, I get "Windows could not start the Apache 2.2 service on Local Computer" Error 3: The system cannot find the path specified. It's exactly the same for MySQL.

I've also checked Windows features and Internet Information Services is unchecked (so I don't think that's using port 80 either).

I really hope someone can offer help/advice/assistance etc.

Thank you
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