How to Import SQL files into XAMPP for Joomla

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How to Import SQL files into XAMPP for Joomla

Postby rezasaheban » 29. July 2009 21:40

Hi, I was following a tutorial about Joomla on MAMP (Mac) but on my PC I have XAMPP instead on Windows XP. I can’t proceed further as far as the tutorial ask me to go to PhpMyAdmin in MAMP and import the MYSQL file of tutorial there, I can’t find any page on XAMPP to import mysql file, can you please show me how to find that page on XAMPP?! I try to find in on XAMPP control panel, but I can’t find it there.

Update: I did it by going to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/
and on the left side of the page I select joomla as my database and press "import", i got the message import was successful, but later when I load my homepage http://localhost/restaurant/
the site was not UPDATED. it means the database I imported didn't work. what should I do?
Note when I was installing joomla in the second page I gave another prefix to database in advanced section because I already had another sit running there: http://localhost/joomla15/ which was my first tutorial of making a website in joomla, it was for the second tutorial that I installed another joomla (with different prefix for database): http://localhost/restaurant/ do you have any idea what this imported database isn't updated on the homepage of the second website http://localhost/restaurant/ ?

Thank you.
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