Should I uninstall first?

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Should I uninstall first?

Postby richardbarth » 22. July 2009 21:28

I already have Apache 2.2, PHP 5.2.10 and MYSQL 5.1 installed on my laptop and they seem to be working well. However, when I use an xmlHttpRequest (Ajax) and in the specify that a .php app should be invoked, I can't get the php app launched via localhost. I've seen others experiencing the same problem and the most common proposed solution is to use xampp.

Should I uninstall Apache, PHP, and MYSQL first? Certainly I don't need 2 copies of the software. It took me quite a while to get all 3 pieces working properly. However, if it is better to delete them before installing xampp, then I would certainly do so.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Should I uninstall first?

Postby crashd » 23. July 2009 00:35

Im just giving advice.

Your apache uses port 80.

XAMPP's apache will use port 80 too.

So if you change your apache's port to something diffrent like port 81 in httpd.conf file, you wont need to uninstall anything.
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