Xampp 1.7.2Beta & Avast false trojan)

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Xampp 1.7.2Beta & Avast false trojan)

Postby zeltus » 19. July 2009 17:34

Avast! is flagging xampp-control.exe as a Trojan (type: unknown)

It patently isn't but a) this is a heads-up to the developers that this is happening and b) a request to see if anyone else has hit this problemette. And if so, what they did about it.

I've sent a false-flag warning to Avast! but my guess is that they will take their own sweet time about it unless an Apache Friends grown-up tackles them as well.

Other than that, it all looks to be very stable. The install clashed with Skype, but stopping that and re-starting the xampp install stopped Skype grabbing ports 8- 443. Dunno what it wants with them but there you go.

I think I would like to see httpd.conf, php.ini and a.n.other configs listed in the control panel for easy access and editing. But that is about it - it's all there, it all works. So far at least.

Now, to get a subversion server up and running and integrated into apache... :-)

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