'Security' page not updating :(

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'Security' page not updating :(

Postby Angahran » 17. July 2009 19:50

I have just installed XAAMP and got everything set up.
However, the Security page does not seem to be working for the FTP test.

I changed the password for the 'newuser' account, but it still told me it was not changed.

The FileZilla FTP password is still 'wampp' UNSECURE
If the FileZilla FTP server was started, the default user 'newuser' with password 'wampp' can upload and change files for your XAMPP webserver. So if you enabled FileZilla FTP you should set a new password for user 'newuser'.

I then deleted the 'newuser' account but it still said it was unsecure.

Any ideas ?

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