Problem starting Mercury

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Problem starting Mercury

Postby marker » 17. July 2009 00:17

I'm having a problem getting Mercury/32 4.6 to run. After selecting Start in the XAMPP Control Panel, I get the following error message: "Mercury/32 Core Processing Module v4.62 has encountered a problem and needs to close." My OS is XP Pro sp3. I've removed and reinstalled xampp but the problem persists. Apache and MySQL are running OK. I have run Mercury successfully in the past so the problem has occurred recently. Does anyone have any insight into this issue?
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Re: Problem starting Mercury

Postby Izzy » 18. July 2009 09:52

Try starting and stopping Mercury with the xampp\mercury_start.bat file and the xampp\mercury_stop.bat file and see if you get a more informative error message returned.

Also make sure that Mercury is not already running - use the Windows Task Manager to find out.
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