Problems with connecting to the site

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Problems with connecting to the site

Postby RAM123 » 11. July 2009 10:09

Hello XAMPP-users,

I have used XAMPP for a long time now i decided to install it again because i wanted to learn php ;)
Here's some information:

I can connect to the site on http://localhost/ But not on: http://IP-CENSORED/ ...
This ports are open:
90 (This port is not for xampp but for something else)
I changed my firewall settings already, so that's not the problem

Plzzz can someone help me!
Sorry, maybe is my English bad, that's because i'm from the Netherlands ;)
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Re: Problems with connecting to the site

Postby glitzi85 » 12. July 2009 19:26

What is IP-CENSORED? Your Public IP or an internal IP of your LAN?

What about is this working?

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