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XAMPP Doesn't show due to my ISP.

PostPosted: 10. July 2009 03:37
by Dheano
I have installed XAMPP etc and I've used this before on an old computer when I had a different ISP.

Now I am with British Telecom (better known as BT) and I have a Settings page instead of XAMPP when im on my IP or Localhost.

If there is some kind of solution for this problem, I would love for someone to tell me it so I can start using my XAMPP and showing people all over the world the kind of things I do.

Btw, I must use XAMPP and not hosting for some project I'm doing, otherwise the program and its MySQL will not work for some reason, aha.

With Thanks

Re: XAMPP Doesn't show due to my ISP.

PostPosted: 17. July 2009 22:33
by peterwt
Are you using BT Broadband with Home Hub 2?

What settings page do you see at localhost?